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Welcome to Redeemer Presbyterian Church OPC, Vestavia, AL

We are a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church  located in Birmingham, AL.  Our prayer and hope is to proclaim the whole counsel of God faithfully in Birmingham; to worship the one, true, and living God with joy, reverence, and awe;  and to encourage one another in holiness and good works in obedience to Christ.

Again, we want to welcome you to our church and hope to learn more about you and your family. We hope see you in our Sunday Worship Services, Sunday School, or our mid-week Bible study.


Our Worship - Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Morning Service: 10:00 a.m.  •  Sunday School: 11:30 a.m.  •  Hymn/Psalm Sing: 4:45 PM Evening Service: 5:00 p.m.  •  Food and Fellowship Following

This is where 'simple, straightforward and refreshing' find their greatest realization. We simply worship God the way He commands in Scripture, thus bringing Him the greatest glory. The worship service itself, and especially the preaching of the Word, is straightforward, as the crucified and risen Christ is exalted throughout.  And we believe that such worship is Spirit-led, filled and therefore refreshing.

Listen to our services live:  Call 401.694.1515.  Access code: 737666 ("sermon").


Bible Studies

Studying the WOrd Of God

Our Bible Studies are centered around reading, discussing and praying around the Word of God. Strengthening your relationship with Christ in God's Word is vital in our approach.

Local Outreach

Ministries in Birmingham

God's calls us to be a walking testimony for both our church body and those who are in need. Local ministries are essential to any local community that cries for peace and a moral compass.


Our Youth 

Children are the Future

Our children are the future of our church. We teach our children OPC shorter catechism, scripture memorization and the importance of Orthodox doctrine at Redeemer Church. 

Corporate Worship

Worship One GOd

It is our privilege to worship God as one body in Christ. "The Lord's Day is a day of holy convocation, the day on which the Lord calls his people to assemble for public worship." more

Worship Location

Redeemer Presbyterian Church meets in the fellowship hall of

Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church.

 3139 Cahaba Heights Road, Vestavia, AL 35243
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